3D printing: add a web interface where there was none before


[Renzo Mischianti] got himself a Chinese 3D printer, specifically a FlyingBear Ghost 5. (Crazy name, huh?) He was more than a little irritated that while the controller, an MKS Robin Nano, had a Wi module. -Built-in FI, it provides no web interface for monitoring and control purposes. It seemed a bit short-sighted these days, to say the least. Not at all happy with this situation, [Renzo] proceeded to write dedicated Wi-Fi firmware using websockets, but not without fully documenting his journey in a detailed series of blog posts.

The resulting BeePrint web interface supports all the usual functions you would expect when managing a printer, from monitoring the preheat at the readiness stage to monitoring the potential spaghetti monster via the connected IP camera. All the good stuff. [Renzo] used a ESP32-cam, which is a low cost 2 MP unit from our Olimex friends, but we think it wouldn’t be too hard to add your own IP camera to the mix.

[Renzo] has a Youtube channel detailing quite a bit of other projects, which in our opinion is definitely worth checking out.

We’ve been covering 3D printer hacking since the dinosaurs roamed. This is the oldest, and still one of the strangest, that we could find in a quick search. Does anyone want to find something older?


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